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Capernaum Fellowship Outreach Ministry

1181 Pelican Lane, • Memphis, TN 38109-3527 • United States • (901) 785-2957 • Non-denominational

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Capernaum Fellowship Outreach Ministry was conceived in June, 1997. It is a spiritually-inspired ministry which focuses on the spiritual needs of those individuals who are unable, hesitant or unwilling to attend worship services at a church. There are not enough of us performing works of this nature for Him. Doing His will in the ministry goes far beyond the [physical four walls of the church. Someone may desire to have another listen while there may also exist a need for prayer and encouragement. The Bible tells us that Jesus touched the lives of many. He was not partial to the social status of any person or any group of people. He was open to minister to and heal anyone accepting of Him. We have dedicated ourselves to answering this call upon our ministry. The time of day is never too late, nor the distance too far for this ministry to perform its duties. It is our belief that a God-ordained, committed and obedient ministry must be taken to the people. When Jesus walked the earth, He by no means confined His ministry to a building. He walked among individuals from all walks of life.
This ministry is truly a serving ministry. We are at the beckoned call of those who desire and thirst for God's word, regardless of race, sex, illness, economic status, religious affiliation, etc.
There is no distance in prayer. Our availability to pray for and with people in need is on-going. Our availability to minister to those who either by choice or inability to go to church is never-ending."Go ye therefore, and teach all nations . . . teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. . ." (Matt. 28:19-20)

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Our Services & Events

Hospital Ministry

12:00 noon/Saturday

Nursing Home Ministry

3:00 PM/Saturday

Sunday School

8:00 AM/Sunday

Worship Service

10:00 AM/Sunday

Residential Ministry

7:00 PM: M/W/F

Prison Ministry

5:00 PM: Tu/Th

Our Staff

Maggie Dawkins

Minister/Sr.Pastor •

Ronald Ackers

Assistant Pastor •

Senethia Dawkins

Elizabeth Dawkins

Sr. Aministrator •