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Room At The Cross CME Church

1432 West 87th Street, • Chicago, IL 60620 • United States • 773.881.8883 • CME

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An introductory gift from your friends...

We are your friends-a group of caring people who worship near you. We welcome you to our services. Perhaps the activities of our church will exactly meet the needs of your family. Why not give us a visit or a call? And the gift? It is the WORD of GOD, which offers abundant life in Jesus Christ. It represents our desire to introduce people everywhere to the answers we have discovered to some of life's most difficult questions. Does Jesus love You? YES! Does God forgive you? YES!

King's Kids and Joint Heirs

We invite you to bring your children and teen youth to participate and worship at ROOM AT THE CROSS - A Place for Families. KING'S KIDS is a fun place where kids get to know GOD in a safe and loving atomosphere. JOINT HEIRS is our youth ministry teaching GOD's WORD in a fresh way. We have great music, genuine people and real-life messages. Maybe it's time for you to check out a different kind of church - We think you'll be surprised!

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30 AM

Sunday Youth Bible Study

9:30 AM

Sunday Morning Worship

10:45 AM

Children's Church

10:45 AM

Tuesday Evening Bible Study

7:30 PM

Our Staff

Lavisha S. Williams

Nancy Alston

Board of Christian Education Director •

Vanessa Church

Women's Missionary Society President •

Patricia Wash

Stewardess Board President •

Dianne Bond

Steward Board Chairman •