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Abundant Delieverance Temple Evangelistic Church

c/o Pastor Bryant J. Hunter, 3491 Hendricks Ave. • Memphis, TN 38111-5701 • United States • 901-565-5794 or 901-942-2136 • Non-denominational

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We are open to all People!

Praise the Lord! On Behalf of all of the saints of the A.D.T. church we wish to Welcome each of us to visit us on our Email address @ let us know how good God has been to you. To us it's all about the name of Jesus it's in him where with we live, move & have our being.

Our Doctrine,

We believe in the Repentance & the water Baptism in the water in Jesus name being filled with the Power of the Holy Ghost with the Evidence of speaking in unknown tongues as the spirit of God gives us utterance living a Holy & Santified life before the Lord God. also believeing that our life must line up with his word! Our church theme is; "When the devil reminds you of your past, You remind him of you future!"

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Our Services & Events

Intercessory Prayer

Sunday @ 8:30 a.m.

Sunday School

Sunday @ 9:00 a.m.

Divine Worship

Sunday @ 10:15 a.m.

Prayer & Praise Service

Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m.

Mon. thru Fri. Daily Prayer

5 am, 12 noon, 6 pm

Chosen Generation's Rehersal

Saturday @ 3:30 p.m.

Our Staff

Apostle Bryant J. Hunter

Pastor & Founder •

Prophetess Deloris Gross

Church Evangelist •

Missionary Michelle Mays

Assembly Missionary •

Deaconess Pearlie Cash

Church Administrator •

Brother Jarvis Moye

Pastor's Usher & Assistant •