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Ministers Of Reconciliation & Education, (M_O_R_E_)

1804 East Jackson Street, 1806 East Jackson Street • Muncie, IN 47305 • United States • 765-747-1934 • Non-denominational

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Denomination: Christ In / Non-Denominational Ministers Of Reconciliation & Education (M_O_R_E_) is dedicated to developing and equiping the people of God, the Saints for the Work of Ministry. To help in the following areas and work along side all who are helping in the in-gathering process, and maturing of the saints of our Lord, Christ Jesus. We join in; Home Church Planting & Development, Lay Ministry Training. Church Praise and Worship helps, Pastoral Helps, Emergancy, Family, and Work place and emergancy services Chaplaincy. Shofar development for Christian Churches. Found weekdays; co-located in; Old Sow & Sew's Custom Sewing & Repair Shop, and Army Surplus Forwarding. Available for VBS, Missionary Helps, Sewn Training & Teaching Aids with an Army of, Heirs of, Solider of GOD "Theme". The sewing shop and store are Located at 3112 East Jackson St. from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday

About Chaplain Jacobsen

Chaplain, Randall Jacobsen Sr., Ministers to the local body of our Lord, Christ Jesus, in mutual agreement. In Pastoral Counseling, pastor to pastor, family, fellowships and business. Mediating in "Impartial Dispute Resolution" (With The Revealed, rightly divided WORD of GOD, as our "only basis" of authority). Growing daily in God's Grace and helping others to discover and develop their ministry gift(s) and placement within the local body of Christ, to comfort, edify and build up. Every part supplying.

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Our Services & Events

Praise, Worship and Fellowship

10am - 2pm Sunday

Praise, Worship and Fellowship

7pm - 9 pm Monday

P and W, Intercessors Prayers

7pm - 8:30pm Wed.

Shut in / hospital visitation

7pm - 8:30 Thursdays

Bible Study and Counseling

11am - 5pm Tue-Sat

Dispute Mediation & Resolution

As Scheduled,

Our Staff

Randall Jacobsen

Senior Chaplain •