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Vision Outreach Ministry

12639 S. Emerald Ave., • Chicago, IL 60628 • United States • 773-785-5233 • AME

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Inspirational Message For The Week

Hello Everyone.... Vision is Back! Our computer was down and not running.... but God is Good... and Blessed us with a brand new comptuer.... Praise God.... From whom all Blessings flow. Thanks for your calls and e-mails. Here is the "Message of The Week". "Wasted Opportunties"... (Matthew 25:14-30) As we prepare for the holiday (Christmas), many of us have been so busy preparing for Christmas..... that we have forgotten hold to be... "Christmas".... Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. And although everyday should be a time for giving and sharing we do it more during the Christmas Season than any other time of the year. But what happens is that we miss so many opportunities to really help some one in need. We make excuses why we can't support organizations such as: Red cross,Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Make a Wish Foundation and others who are showing what Christmas is all about. we are so busy giving to our family and friends that we forget those who really are in need. How many times have we missed the opportunity to share the "Greatest Gift"...... "JESUS". People are spiritually dying on our jobs, our schools, in our homes... and yes even in our churches. Why???? simply because we don't take advantage of all the opportunities that God has given us to witness to the world. While shopping this week, while on your job this week, wherever you might be this week..... Please.. don't miss the opportunity to share Jesus with someone. Don't be like those in this passage of scripture, who made all kinds of excuses for not serving the master..... Do it today..... for "Tomorrow" may just be too late... and don't forget that if you take "Christ" out of christmas all you have left is .....mas.... pass the word: "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season". God Bless you all...... and have a "Happy and Safe" holiday.


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