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The Salvation Army Dubbo Corps

110-112 Gipps Street, P.O Box 132 • Dubbo, NSW 2830 • Australia • 02 68843079 • SA

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Mission Statement

"Our mission is to do the will of God, which means that we will present Jesus Christ to all who come within our influence. We will encourage people to accept Jesus and to seek His help to live their lives as He has taught. We seek God's help to meet spiritual, emotional and physical needs of each person."

Praise and Worship through Music

Music is such an integral part of worship. Over the past 12 months, we have set up a Worship Ensemble which participates in every meeting by accompanying congreational singing. Prior to this, there was only a piano used for this purpose. We have prayed very hard for our small ensemble to 'work'. God is good to us, as it is really swinging along.We praise God for allowing us to serve Him in this way. Group personnel: Janene Webber..Piano: Mark Young...Guitar: Daniel Schofield...Percussion: Sarah Lindsay...Double Bass and Kevin Young (Musical Director) on Piano, Vocals and Horns.

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Our Services & Events

Morning Worship

10.30am Sunday

Cafe of Salvation

5pmLast Sun in month

Ladies Home League

10.30am Wednesday

Impact Bible Study

7.30pm Wednesday

Kids Club

4pm Thursday

Jnr Youth Group Fortnightly

6.30pm Saturday

Our Staff

Andrew Schofield

Lieutenant •

Julie Schofield

Lieutenant •

Jenny Young

Corps Secretary •

Kevin Young

Music Director •

Lindsay Foggon

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