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City-Wide Christian Church

Cnr Bell St & St Georges Rd, Preston • Melbourne, Victoria • Australia • (03) 93044104 • AOG

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Nothing To Do But Win Souls

There are two things that we can we do while still on the earth that cannot be done in heaven. One is to win sinners the other is to commit sin, which of the two do you think God left us here to do? That is why our vision at City Wide is to Win as many souls as possible before the return of our Lord Jesus. In order to do this howerver we need to evangelize not only by what we say but what we do. We believe that Couples Ministry, Cell Groups, Kids Club and good teaching is vital to make sure couples and the youth are living lives worthy of the Gospel and by doing so sinners will be astonished and give their lives to Jesus.

Music To Win The Battle

Music is such an important part of our lives today. Whether you are in a department store, coffee shop, hair dressers or even your own car, no matter where you go 99% of the time you will find music playing in the background. I would even go as far as to say that without music playing in the foreground or background we feel awkward and uneasy. That's why it is a high priority at City Wide to play the best music we can so that new people feel familiar and secure. Win them Back There is however a far deeper reason for playing the music that we do. In the Bible we are told that Kings in the Old Testament won battles by simply appointing singers and musicians to sing to the Lord and tell Him that He is so beautiful. In the same way we can win the battles that we are going through by singing to the Father. Unfortunately the devil has used the power of music to deceive and mislead people into false worship and it's our job to preach the gospel through music to bring them back to the One True God.

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City Wide Celebration

10:30 am Sunday

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6:30pm Sunday

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8:00pm Wednesday

Power 4 Living Bible Course

7:00pm Tuesday

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