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Seaford Rise Community Church

Seaford Recreation Centre, Grand Bvd, Seaford Rise • Adelaide, South Australia 5169 • Australia • 0413367028 • Baptist

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We are a contemporary house church based christian community,
worshipping and knowing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
living in God's love and giving it away.
The purpose (mission)of the Seaford Rise Community Church is
to be the family of God, understanding that our sense of family
derives its' nature from the Trinity (each person of the Trinity
is other person centred, ie the Father loves the Son,the Son loves
the Father and seeks to please Him. The Holy SPirit serves both
the Father and the Son as in fact all three do.)
As the family of God, we reach out to others not yet in the
family, with the gospel of reconciliation, for when people are
reconciled to God, they are reconciled with themselves and
others. (2Cor5:11-21)
We extend to you, the love of God.


we are a family affiliated with the South Australian Baptist
Union (S.A.B.U.) of churches who love Jesus Christ and believe
that He alone can bring that sense of wholeness and belonging
that all people, including young men and women, boys and girls
need and often long for.
We are a family made up of people from all walks of life, who
seek to walk in God's love and give it away. His love is much
greater than any differences wse may have.
We believe the Bible to be the Word of the Living God, speaking
to us with authority, and that we should be willing to submit
to that authority in every area of our lives.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday Service


House Churches

7.30pm Wednesday

Down South Craft Group

9.30am Thursday

Mens Group

7.00pm Friday

Our Staff

Don Drayson

Senior Pastor •

Greg Cannons