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Victory Temple Ministries

3425 N. Elm. St., 2526 Columbus Ave. • Fort Worth, TX 76106 • United States • (817) 626-1819 • Non-denominational

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What is Victory Temple?

Victory Temple is a substance abuse program that assist in the prevention and recovery of chemical abuse. The Therapeutic Community (TC) is a "Home" setting. The TC challenges the client to change drug oriented behavior patterns through guidance, counseling and intensive spiritual therapy. Our approach to help this type of person have proven to be a positive method to incorporate the individual back to society as a contributing memeber. What about cost? There are no charges for any of our services. How is it financed? Victory Temple is supported through funds contributed by individuals, civic, social and religious organizations.

The Victory Home

The HOME provides an opportunity to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Victory Temple is based on the belief that norcotic and alcoholic addiction is a spiritual problem. Chemical addiction is chronic and progressive, and if intervention is not readily available, the individual will finally succumb to it's deadly impact. Victory Temple is not interested in just curing the addict of a substance abuse problem. We believe the addict is not fully cured until he has the power within himself to conquer all his habits: smoking, drinking, cursing and unethical sex indulgence. Only God can grant that kind of cure! Who may be eligable? Anyone with a desire to stop living his life out of control due to chemical abuse or criminal violence may be eligable. A gang member who is looking for a way OUT! Gang intervention and prevention services are also available. The Victory Home is open 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday Moring Spanish Service

9:00 am

Sunday Morning English Service

11:00 am

Sunday Evening Service

6:30 pm

Monday Evening Bible Lessons

7:00 pm

Wednesday Evening Service

6:30 pm

Friday Evening Youth

7:00 pm

Our Staff

Gerald Salomon