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Philippine Medical Mission 2000

3805 Ashford Avenue, • Fort Worth, TX 76133 • USA • 817-361-8848 • COC

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Tentative Schedule: June 1-14, 2000 * Mission Sites: Manila and Butuan City * For more information, please write to: PHILIPPINE MISSIONS * 3805 Ashford Avenue * Fort Worth, TX 76133 * 817-361-8848/370-0839 *


MEDICAL WORKERS: Doctors, nurses, and others * EVANGELISTIC WORKERS: Preachers, Counselors, and Bible Teachers * ORGANIZERS: Coordinators and Planners * MATERIALS: Medicine, vitamins, supplies, and light medical equipment, and religious materials * COST: $1500.00 * This includes round trip ticket, housing, meals, transportation and supplies.

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Our Services & Events

Medical Mission

June 1-14

Campaign for Christ

June 10-July 30

Spring Campaign

April 1-30

Container Shipment

March 31, 2000

Philippine Mission Forum (Ca)

March 18, 2000

Our Staff

Salvador Cariaga

Coordinator •

Minnie Lagria

Local Coordinator •