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MorningStar Church

2000 S.Hoyt Ave., • Muncie, IN 47305 • United States • 765-287-0021 • Non-denominational

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Building Bridges

We are committed to building bridges of reconcilliation to God through Jesus Christ. It is our priviledge to be participators with God by being ambassadors of His love and grace to a lost and hurting people. We believe that everyone is in need of the Savior's love and forgiveness and we hold out that forgiveness and love and hope for a new and joyful life in God through Jesus Christ. We are not unaware of the barriers that the devil has set up in peoples minds, but with much prayer and patience, and love. We will see others reunited with their creator. And as we walk together in love for our God and each other we will grow and become mature brothers and sisters, and they'll know we are Christians by our love. A love for the things of God and His word will characterize our lives,and others will see what the fruit of a Spirit-led life can be. Yet we will never fall into the trap of thinking we have arrived, but forgetting what is in the past we will press on to the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus, earnestly seeking and recieving the gifts of the Holy Spirit. If we are the kind of family you would like to belong to and grow with. Please come and participate with us in this marvelous life we have in Jesus! Sincerely, MorningStar Church

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30 a.m. Sunday

Sunday celebration


Youth meeting

7:00p.m. Monday

cell group/Bible Study

7:00p.m. Thursday

cell group/Bible Study

10:00a.m. Thursday

Our Staff

Simon Maina_Mungai

Pastor •

Gladys Maina_Mungai

Pastor •

Tom Hines

Randy Gill