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North American Old Roman Catholic Church

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The Canadian section of the Old Roman Catholic Church was formally incorporated by Letters Patent on 2 April 1981 with a Dominion of Canada National Charter. The full legal name of the Church in both official languages of Canada - French and English - is L'Eglise Vieille Catholique Romaine De L'Amerique Du Nord - North American Old Roman Catholic Church . Originally under the authority of the Most Rev'd Joseph Herve Lionel Quessy (26 April 1932 to 13 February 2008) (who was consecrated on 14 June 1986 by +Edward James Ford), then of Montreal, Quebec, this Dominion corporation fell dormant in November of 1996 until revived and reorganised by Archbishop Boniface Grosvold on 26 March 2006. Dr. Grosvold is also the Archbishop of the Old Roman Catholic Church, Latin Rite, which is a Province of Ontario non-profit corporation.

Episcopal Consecrations

Darrell Wayne (Boniface) Grosvold was consecrated on 20 July 1974 by +Edward Carleton Payne of New England, assisted by +William Norman (Mark) Plested of Ontario, and +Ernest Whitfield Jackson (the then Liberal Catholic Regionary Bishop for Canada) of Toronto, in Holy Saviour Cathedral Church, Niagara Falls, New York. On 30 November 1974 he was enthroned as the second presiding archbishop of the Old Roman Catholic Church. Latin Rite. The following are the men he has consecrated as bishops with religious name, if any, in brackets:
01. Thomas William Brennand, legally changed it to Jonathan Vartan Zotique (Mar Zitikos) 12 Sept. 1976 (sub-conditione) (died 3 June 1998)
02. Donald Henry Ross Taylor 12 September 1976 (died 1985)
03. William Vincent (Paul) Hains-Howard 26 September 1976 (sub-conditione) (died February 1993)
04. Dr. Norman Frank Budgey 3 August 1977 (died 26 April 2006)
05. Edward W. Franks 29 September 1977 (died 13 April 1991)
06. Ambrose Howard-Rose 10 December 1977 (died 1981)
07. Kenneth Wayne (Andrew) Berry 6 August 1978 (died 16 August 2013)
08. Shawn Patrick (Andrei) Brennan 27 December 1996 (died 1 September 2013)
09. Dennis Ross Robinson 27 May 2001 (still living)
10. Denis Waterbury 19 October 2002 (still living)
11. David Keith (Francis) Milne 30 July 2005 (died 23 January 2008)
12. Brian C. (Xavier) Seaver 6 May 2006 (still living)
13. Luc (Gabriel) Casaubon 11 November 2007 (sub-conditione) (still living)
14. Robert Lavelle (Pius) Corley 27 October 2009 (still living)
15. John Gerald Marochi 31 July 2010 (still living)
16. Frederick Patrick Dunleavy 26 August 2010 (sub-conditione) (still living)
17. Jean de la Resurrection Amogou 9 April 2011 (still living)
18. Denis (Jean Marie) Ngodobo 9 April 2011 (still living)
19. Jerome Lloyd, OSVJ 5 May 2012 (still living)
20. Antonio Augusto Fernandes Freitas 5 May 2012 (still living)
21. William J. (Gabriel) Myers 15 October 2012 (still living)
22. David B. Fucci 21 April 2013 (still living)


Archbishop Grosvold has been an assistant consecrator for the following two bishops. The first time was for the consecration of Robert Charles MacKenzie of Toronto, Ontario, which took place on 4 October 1993 in Christ the King Old Roman Catholic Church, Toronto, Ontario. Bishop Andrew Berry was the chief consecrator; there were no other assistants for this consecration. The second time was for the consecration of Omar Rojas Gonzalez of Columbia, South America, which took place on 2 April 2006 in Archbishop Grosvold's oratory, London, Ontario. This second consecration was for the "Latin American Anglican Church", with its archbishop the Most Rev'd Leonardo Marin Saavedro of London, Ontario, serving as chief consecrator.

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