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The House of God Church

Keith Dominion, 10747 South Wentworth Ave. • Chicago, IL 60628 • United States • (773)785-0953 • Pentecostal

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There is always room for one more traveler in search of an anointed bible believing church. We welcome you to come and worship with us. Our faith stands strong in belief of the Holy Trinity in Unity, known respectively as The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe and do preach that the gospel of Jesus Christ can cleanse and free us from all sin and damnation. Jesus said,"You are cleansed through the word I have spoken unto you." Be Blessed in the Lord.


Mary Magdelena Tate established and founded the House of God Church. Her Successor, Bishop Mary F.L Keith lead the church into greater works through spiritual and acedemic training. After her death, Bishop James W. Jenkins, the third Chiefoverseer inspired us to move in the direction of ecomomic indenpendence. He never failed to promote the youth in faithfulness and loyalty to Jesus Christ. God continues to grow the church through our present Chiefoverseer, Dr. James C. Elliot. His ecclesiastecal vision for the church is Evangelism.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday Bible School

9:30 am

Sunday Morning Worship

11:45 am

Wednesday Night Bible Study

7:30 pm

Friday Night Service

7:30 pm

Young, Folks, Friends Union

Every Fourth Sunday

Our Staff

Elder Lillie B. James

Pastor •

Rev. Sonji R. Jackson

Asst. Pastor •

Mae D. Whitehead

Presiding State Bishop •

Bishop James C. Elliott

General Overseer •