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Cedar Lane Church of God

1128 Cedar Lane Rd, Hwy 183 • Greenville, SC • United States • 864-218-3530 • COG-TENN

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Appeal to Greenville's community

Cedar Lane is a small church with big possibilities, God lead,
love oriented, ministry driven. The main focus for Cedar Lane church is to come as you are, not given to tradition or rituals. We believe that Jesus Christ should be promoted above all. All our focus, all our inspiration, all our dreams, everything should be and is Jesus Christ. There are a variety of people at Cedar Lane, most have a passion for people, but really they have a heart for children and ministering to families. Rev. Bobby Wynn is the "Young at heart" pastor. He leads the "over 50" group with activities, exhortation, and outreach. We are proud of our youth group also, lead by our youth minister David Pitre. Together, we work toward pointing souls to Jesus Christ and lifting up Jesus to everyone we meet.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

10:00 AM Sunday

Morning Worship

11:45 AM Sunday

Evening Worship

6:00 PM Sunday

Midweek Worship

7:15 PM Wednesday

Youth meeting

7:00 PM Friday

Food Bank

1:00 PM 2nd Thurs

Our Staff

Gene Wooten

Senior Pastor •

Bobby Wynn

Assoc Pastor •