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First London African Methodist Episcopal Church

Camden Square, Camden • London, Camden Underground Station NW1 9XG • United Kingdom • + (0) 208-640 4338 • AMENZ

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Brief History in Europe

Truly, the Lord has been good to us over the past more than three decades. In 1999 we celebrate the 33 years of African Methodism in Europe. We look back with fond memories on the illustrious leadership we have had from our bishops. Yes, Bishops George W. Blakely, Frederick H. Talbot, Henry A. Belin, JR, J. Haskell Mayo, Vernon R. Byrd, Donald G.K. Ming, Zedekiah L. Grady and presently Bishop Robert V. Webster. First London A M E Church was the first missionary point, mostly a house of prayer for refugees from Africa (especially Namibia and South Africa). Its founder, the late Rev. Dr. Moshe Sephula, PE was a native from Kimberley, South Africa in the Kalahari Annual Conference of the 15th Episcopal District. We continue in the tradition of the founding fathers under the present leadership of Rev. Willem Simon Hanse, a native from the Namibia Annual Conference in the 15th Episcopal District, currently on voluntary transfer.He has pastored the Daniel Dausab Memorial A M E Church, Rehoboth, and the historic Ebenezer A M E Church, Katutura. He is married to Cecilia Annastasia Violet Hanse (a career diplomat) and has three children (Charles, Elmarie and Broooke).God is calling us from the known to the unknown; from the comfortable to the uncomfortable; from the womb to the tomb. Yes, no cross no crown; no Good Friday no jubilant Easter Sunday. Come on, let us take up the Cross and follow Him. Come along children, whether it is in the sunrise or sunset of your life! Come along children, there is a great Camp Meeting in the Promised Land. Whenever you visit London, please worship with us and note that this homepage is updated monthly. God bless the A M E Church.

Ministerial Training Resources

Our present pastor is scheduled to return to Namibia (in the 15th Episcopal District) during June 2001. He is currently collecting educational material for Ministerial Training in the Namibia Annual Cnference. First London AME Church is proud to have collected and donated more than 300 kilograms of winter clothing to the Helena Old Age Trust in Namibia during April 2000. We are convinced that Christians in the so-called "1st world" should share the resources at our disposal with those in need, especially in the so-called developing world. For any questions and contributions, please contact the minister at: "27 Chanctonbury Way, Woodside Park, London, N12 7JB, United Kingdom".

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Our Services & Events

Worship Service

14h00 Sunday

Bible Study & Sunday School

16h00 Sunday

Mid-Week Prayer Meeting

18h00 Wednesday

Christian Education Congress

March 11th, 2000

London-Holl. Ann. Conference

Apr. 26-30th, 2000

Our Staff

William Phillip De Veaux SR, Bishop

Rt. Rev. •

Rudolph U. Aaron, Presiding Elder

Willem Simon Hanse, Pastor

Daphne V. Smalling, Evangelist

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Ben Nkundzi, Steward

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