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Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church

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The Mis-education of The Judeo-Christian

Due to the need to belong and yet to maintain governance of the existing
Powers and Principalities, those who labored to expouse the dictates
of the Holy Spirit have inadvertantly given over to the flesh and provided
views that supported and maintained the world's ability to include Christianity as it's own creation.
Though the efforts at canonizing can be found lacking as far as consistency
within denominational boundaries, praise be to God for the ever existence of the Holy Spirit. The ultimate of God's purpose for man is that he returns to Him(the Creator),
Yet man has interpreted, and interpolated the scriptures so that
God-fearing saints are being joyfully led to the slaughter. Brethren, present your bodies a living sacrifice, does not mean give God your bodies. It means present that which is acceptable unto God to your bodies (Phillipians 4:18). This is an unveiled mystery that allows the word-seeking Christian to accept the Holy Spirit, which is our reasonable service.

In this day and time we must be extremely careful about the mixture of teachigs
and the personal observations that are
slanted to justify our fleshly concerns and desires. We seek
the desires of our heart, but such desires are not the ones given by God. Trust in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Read that carefully. God places the desires which we should have.

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