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Old Protestant Episcopal Church Inc.

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Doctrines and Constitution of the OPEC

The Old Protestant Episcopal Church was originally founded on 11 August 2001 in Regina, Saskatchewan by Bishop Darrel Hockley as the revival of the work of the Free Protestant Episcopal Church in Western Canada. The jurisdiction was incorporated under the Non-Profit Corporations Act, 1995 of the Province of Saskatchewan on 21 August 2001 as the "Free Protestant Episcopal Church Inc.". By 2 January 2002, realising that they were several factions in the world-wide FPEC, Bishop Hockley quit that church and reformed his jurisdiction as the "Old Protestant Episcopal Church" (amended incorporation name effective on 28 March 2002) and geared the OPEC to function only in the civil Province of Saskatchewan as a traditional Anglican house church body.

The Old Protestant Episcopal Church Inc. only had one mission, St. Matthias The Apostle Mission, located in Regina (incorp. on 24 February 1997; dissolved on 7 May 2004). On 28 March 2004 the OPEC ceased operations when Bishop Hockley joined another ecclesiastical jurisdiction in advance of his relocation to British Columbia. The Saskatchewan corporated charter of the OPEC was dissolved on 7 May 2004. On 1 June 2005 Bishop Hockley resigned from the Eucharistic Catholic Church as he wished to carry on his ministry in an Anglican ethos. On 19 August 2005 the OPEC was reincorporated as an country-wide Canadian non-profit corporation.

The mission of this church is to reach out and gather people together in an inclusive church united in the praise and service of God as expressed in traditional Anglican worship. The Book of Common Prayer (1962 Canada) is the only authorised liturgy in the Old Protestant Episcopal Church Inc. The theological anchors of the OPEC are five-fold:
1. Holy Scripture
2. The Creed of Nicaea-Constantinople
3. The Dogmatic Decisions of the first four Ecumenical Councils
4. The Book of Common Prayer (1962 Canada)
5. The 39 Articles of Religion 1571

The Old Protestant Episcopal Church Inc. does not ordain women to the Holy Orders of Bishop, Presbyter or Priest, and Deacon. The Order of Deaconess is esteemed by this Church and women are admitted to this ministry.

It is not a "continuing" Anglican church since it does not subscribe to the 1977 Affirmation of St. Louis; nor is it an Old (Roman) Catholic church, since it does not perpetuate the forms of Roman catholicism of pre-Vatican I or II. In other words, its essentials are based upon the Reformation Anglican Settlement of 1552.


"If any man sin, we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous; and He is that propitiation for our sins." Comfortable Words BCP (Canada, 1962), Page 78.

The OPEC supports the ministry of Propitiation - Toronto of which Bishop Hockley has been a member since 1997. Propitiation, founded in September 1995, is a fellowship of gay and lesbian people, and their friends who are in the Anglican Church of Canada, and prefer the traditional language of the Book of Common Prayer, rather than the Book of Alternative Services, and the inclusive language being used in some other support groups. However, membership is not limited to prayer book Anglicans, and everyone is welcome. Propitiation - Toronto publishes a quarterly newsletter called the Propitiator. Mailing address is:
c/o 34 Little Norway rescent, Unit 117
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5V 3A3
For events calendar call: (416) 925-XTRA ext.2149
Email: Propitiation - Toronto

Episcopal Succession

While he was a lay cleric in an Old Catholic body, Bishop Hockley received ordination to the three-fold Holy Orders of deacon, presbyter, and bishop on 8 August 1998 by Bishop Ian Phillips of Fargo, North Dakota, USA. The Old Catholic bodies that Bishop Hockley associated with did not accept these ordinations as valid, and he continued on in the status of lay cleric. On 2 May 2001, Bishop Hockley received a letter, dated 24 April 2001, from Archbishop Joseph L. Vredenburgh of the Federation of St. Thomas Christians confirming his validly as a bishop in his line of episcopal succession.

The Episcopal Succession (Sacramental lineage) of Presiding Bishop Darrel D. Hockley is as follows:
JOSEPH RENE VILATTE (1854 to 1929), who assisted by Bishop Paolo Miraglia Gulotti, consecrated on 29 December 1915 in St. David's Church, 536 E. 36th Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA (+Lloyd's home church)
FREDERICK EBENEZER JOHN LLOYD (1859 to 1933) who consecrated on 1 July 1923 in St. David's Church, 536 E. 36th Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA (+Lloyd's home church)
SAMUEL GREGORY LINES (1847 to 1940), who assisted by Bishops William Albert Nichols and George S. A. Brookes, consecrated on 20 December 1933 in St. Illuminator's Armenian Apostolic Cathedral, 221 East 27th Street, New York City, New York State, USA
HOWARD ELLSWORTH MATHER (1896 to 1964), who assisted by Bishop Cyrus Augustine Starkey, consecrated on 26 August 1963 in the Order of Antioch Chapel, Middletown, New York State, USA (+Mather's home chapel)
JOSEPH LAVERNE VREDENBURGH (born 1933), who assisted by Bishops George Michael Zaharakis and James Abdul Mikhaelovitch Dennis, consecrated on 19 June 1983 in the Priory of St. Thomas of India, 1546 Hayes Street, San Francisco, California, USA (+Zaharakis' home church)
MORRIS LUDWICK (1909 to 1983) who consecrated on 2 July 1983 in the Chapel of Light in Hines, Oregon, USA (+Ludwick's home chapel)
IAN H. PHILLIPS (1933 to 2002) who consecrated on 8 August 1998 in St. Matthias The Apostle Mission Chapel, Suite 9 - 2174 McIntyre Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (+Hockley's home chapel)

The Anglican Episcopal Succession (Sacramental lineage) of Presiding Bishop Hockley is as follows:
WILLIAM WHITE (1747 to 1836) who assisted by Bishops Alexander Viets Griswold and Nathaniel Bowen consecrated on 31 October 1832 in St. Paul's Chapel, New York City, New York, USA
JOHN HENRY HOPKINS (1792 to 1868) who assisted by Bishops Benjamin Bosworth Smith, Henry Washington Lee, Joseph Cruikshank Talbot, Charles Todd Quintard, Robert Harper Clarkson, and John Barrett Kerfoot consecrated on 15 November 1866 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA
GEORGE DAVID CUMMINS (1822 to 1876) who consecrated on 14 December 1873 in Christ Church, Chicago, Illinois, USA (+Cheney's home church)
CHARLES EDWARD CHENEY (1836 to 1916), who assisted by Bishops William Rufus Nicholson and Albert Carman (of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada), consecrated on 17 July 1876 in Emmanuel Reformed Episcopal Church, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
SAMUEL FALLOWS (1835 to 1922) who assisted by Bishops Charles Edward Cheney and Robert Livingston Rudolph, consecrated on 12 November 1912 in the Church of the Atonement, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as the presiding bishop for the autocephalous Church of Jesus, based in Puerto Rico
MANUEL FERRANDO (1866 to 1934) who consecrated on 17 November 1918 at the Saint John's Masonic Lodge in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, USA as the presiding bishop for the autocephalous Anglican Universal Church, based in New York City
GEORGE WINSLOW PLUMMER (1876 to 1944) who assisting Bishop Arthur Edward Leighton of the American Catholic Church, consecrated on 4 June 1929

One may wonder why a masonic temple would be used for the consecration of Dr. Plummer. Bishop Ferrando was from 1911 to 1916 the executive director of an organisation based in New York City known as Christ Mission. This organisation was established in 1887 to provide a means of support for former Roman Catholic priests (+Ferrando himself was one before he became a protestant minister). In its early days Christ Mission held meetings and services in various Masonic Lodges. Dr. Plummer was a well known Rosicrucian and Mason and was the author of various books pertaining to Free Masonary.

Episcopal Succession from the Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada:
This church was founded on 25 June 1834 by Methodist ministers John Reynolds (1786 to 1857), Joseph Gatchell, David Culp (1784 to 1871), and Daniel Pickett (1771 to 1854) as the re-establishment of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada after the original Canadian M.E.C. merged with the British Wesleyian Connexion the previous year. However, the re-formed church was unable to obtain recognition from the bishops of the USA parent body, therefore in 1835, Messrs. Gatchell, Culp, and Pickett laid hands upon Mr. Reynolds and consecrated him Bishop for the Church. The succession continues as follows:
Bishop JOHN REYNOLDS (1786 to 1857) who consecrated in 1847
Bishop PHILANDER SMITH (1796 to 1870) who consecrated on 22 August 1858
Bishop JAMES RICHARDSON (1791 to 1875) who consecrated on 4 September 1874 at Napanee, Ontario, Canada
Bishop ALBERT CARMAN (1833 to 1917) who assisted Reformed Episcopal Church bishops CHARLES EDWARD CHENEY and WILLIAM RUFUS NICHOLSON in consecrating on 17 July 1876 in Emmanuel Reformed Episcopal Church, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Bishops EDWARD CRIDGE (1817 to 1913) and SAMUEL FALLOWS (1835 to 1922)

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