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Church of Torres Strait

Box 387, 1 Nazeer St • Thursday Island, Queensland 4875 • Australia • 0740691284 • Other

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About Church of Torres Strait

Church of Torres Strait was proclaimed on 1st January, 1998. It is part of the Traditional Anglican Communion.
We were part of the Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of North Queensland. However that part of the Church has become very liberal and largely abandoned traditional Anglican and catholic teaching and practice.We hope one day to be re-united with our brothers and sisters in that church.As well as opposition there is quite widespread support for us. In the meantime we are getting on with the business of being Christ's Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in this area, the Torres Straits in Northern Australia (Queensland state).
We have only 11 communities/parishes and about 2000-3000 people who are ministered to by a Bishop and 23 priests and deacons. Our teaching and practice is the anglican expression of the Catholic Faith. and practice is

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