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Interdenominational Christian Community Church

#2 Oxford Avenue, Parsonage; 28 Lexington Avenue • Jersey City, NJ 07304 • United States • 201-432-3622 • ID

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I.C.C. History

The Internominational Christian Communnity Church Inc. was founded by Rev. Austin L. Harrold in September of 1985, in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Formely a sucessful Minister in the CME Church from 1959 - 1994. After founding and developing the I.C.C. Church between 1985-1994, Rev. Harrold and his Members officially left the CME Church in 1994.
In 1997 the I.C.C.Church became a part of the Full Gospel Universal Christian Fellowship were Rev. Harrold became a Bishop, and assigned to develop the Second Jurisdiction of New Jersey & New York. For more information on the FULL GOSPEL UNIVERSAL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP see: click here


The Interdenominational Chrstian Community Church of the F.G.U.C.F., welcomes all Christians of any denomination.
All I.C.C. Church Activities are open to the public.
The I.C.C. Church fellowships with all churches that invites us.
We are a bible based Christian Church serving God and the Jersey City Community.
Call 201-432-3622 #4 for directions and information.

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Map & Directions

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Our Services & Events

Sunday Morning Services

11:00 A.M./Sunday

Weekly Home Bible Study

7:30 P.M. 1 & 3 Wed.

Youth Fellowship Meetings

4:00 P.M. 2/4 Sun.

Choir Pratice - Youth

7:30 P.M. Tuesdays

Choir Practice - Adult

7:30 P.M. Thursdays

Business Meetings

7:00 PM 1st Mondays

Our Staff

Bishop Austin L. Harrold

Pastor / Founder/ Presiding Bishop •

Rev. James Cameron

Assistant Pastor & Presiding Elder • REVJAMESCAMERON@WEBTV.NET

Frances Aycox

Chief Elder •

Jane Levette

Church Mother •

Daisy Mc Gill

Secretary •