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979 PROSPECT AVE, • WESTBURY, NY 11590 • United States • (516)333-9144 • Pentecostal

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Founded in 1965, Westbury Gospel Tabernacle is a church that has long been concerned with the spiritual needs of people. And that concern continues today.
We want you to know you are always welcome at WESTBURY GOSPEL TABERNACLE...For some, visiting a church is no problem. For others, the idea can be a little intimidating. But we hope to make it easier for you by letting you know up front that we welcome your presence in any of our services and hope we can serve you.
We at Westbury believe that people were created in order to enjoy a relationship with God. Without this relationship with God, life may be filed with activity--but it can still seem quite meaningless. The good news is that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to make this relationship possible. Because of this relationship with God, we can also enjoy fellowship with other Christians.

Our congregation includes people of different bachgrounds, and we are able to appreciate our diversity because we share a fundamental unity in Jesus Christ.

What are we about? We're about sincere worship of God. We're about Biblical preaching and teaching. We're about growing in our faith with the encouragement of fellow Christians. And we're about reaching out to others who are searching for ultimate answers about God, life, and themselves.
These are just some highlights of what we're about. But come and see what Westbury Gospel Tabernacle is. So please, take our invitation seriously. And if you would like more information about our church and its ministry, don't hesitate to call us. We would be happy to answer your questions.
We're Here For You.


From the North: Take the northern State Parkway to Exit 34 (Brush Hollow Road). Go around to the light and make a left onto Brush Hollow Road. Proceed on Brush Hollow Road for about 2/3 mile until you come to Prospect Avenue(which has a traffic light). Make a sharp left onto Prospect Avenue. Proceed for a little over 1/2 a mile. At Sylvester Avenue you will see the church parking lot on your left side.

From the East: Take the southern State Parkway West to Exit 27 North (Wantagh State Parkway). Take the Wantagh State Parkway to Exit 2 West (Old Country Road/Westbury). Bear right to Old Country Road. Take Old Country Road to Urban Avenue and make a right. Proceed about 4 blocks to Prospect Avenue and make a right. Drive two blocks to Sylvester Avenue and the parking lot will be on your left side.

From the West: Take the Southern State Parkway East to exit 22 North (Meadowbrook Parkway). Take M4 (Eisenhower Park exit) to stewart ave. Make a left onto Merrick Road, and continue until you get to Old Country Road. Make a right onto Old Country Road and proceed for about 1 1/2 miles to Urban Avenue. Make a left onto Urban Avenue and go about four blocks to Prospect Avenue. Make a right onto Prospect Avenue and go about two blocks to Sylvester Avenue. The parking lot will be on you left side

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