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College Hill COGIC

6414 N. 30th Street, • Tampa, FL 33610 • United States • 813-239-3161 • COGIC

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8102 Jad Drive
Tampa, Fl


Brother Francis Brown

Deacon Fred Broxton

Deacon Alex Floyd

Deacon Rufus Floyd

Sister Darlene Green

Deacon Clarence Gyden

Deacon Kenny Hobbs

Brother Spencer Hawthorne

Deacon Leroy Jackson

Deacon Randolph Johnson

Deacon Rudolph Johnson

Deacon William McCullough, Sr

Deacon William McCullough, Jr.

Deacon Willie Pouncy

Brother Leroy Sheppard

Deacon Kenny Sirmans

Brother James Walker

Deacon Earlie Williams

Deacon Gregory Williams

Deacon Lonzo Williams

Sister Marlene York

It's good to be a committed Christian and know it
But it's better to be a committed Christian and show it!!

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30 a.m.

Sunday Morning Worship

11:00 a.m.

Young People Willing Workers

6:00 pm Sun.

Sunday Evening Worship

7:00 pm

Tuesday/Friday Worship

7:00 pm

Our Staff

Elder Charles Davis

Pastor •

Deacon William McCullough

Chairman Deacon's Board •

Deacon Rudolph Johnson

Chairman Trustee's Board •

Mother Blanche Foster

Church Mother •

Sis. Darlene Green Sis. Marlene York

Church Clerks •