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Missionary Society of St.Declan

P.O. Box 831, 69 Bliss Rd. (Pastoral Office) • Newport, RI 02840 • United States • 401-846-2733 • Catholic

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Mission of Society

I am soon to be ordained a priest in the Christ Catholic Church, Int. My mission in RI is to aid the elderly in Nursing homes, the mentally challenged in programs and to provide the Holy Eucharist to those with no spiritual home. I visit 6-7 nursing homes per month and give talks on "the good old days" to up to 250 residents per month. This program is quite successful, as it encourages the residents to speak of the good times they remember. Often, these are the only communication they will have with others all day. Many have no visitors. The Deacon Mass from Monday to Thurs. is for the mentally challenged who need some assistance. The Mass is looked forward to as a part of their daily program. It is held in the chapel where the programs are housed. The Mass on Friday is for those who are residents of a facility who have had or now have alcohol, drug or other problems, but are free to venture outside the facility. A makeshift chapel is provided here. On Sunday, in the Chapel of St. Declan, located in Belcourt Castle in Newport, RI, a Deacon Mass is held at 9:00 on each Sunday, open to the general public. The chapel is made up of imported and medieval altar, vestments, chalices, monstrances, etc. mostly from Europe. The chapel has two organs. The owners of the Castle donate the chapel for my use on Sundays. Upon ordination to the priesthood, a full tridentine Mass will be offered daily (except Sat.) at the heretofore mentioned locations.

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Our Services & Events

Deacon Mass, 200 Harrison Ave.

11:15 Thurs.

Deacon Mass, West House, Middl

10:30 Fri.

Deacon Mass, Belcourt Castle

9:00 Sunday

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