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Commonwealth: The Church That Cares

Commonwealth Community Church is, indeed, a community church. Within the services it provides includes the feeding of the hungry, the clothing of the naked, and the visitation of those in prison.

The food pantry, the clothing drives, the toys provided for the children-- all of these are ways in which the Community Church provides for its neighborhood. The computer classes, the Young Entrepreneur's project-- the Happy Companions for the senior citizens--all these program work toward the idea of the "Beloved Community." Also, filling of the Spirit--The Word of God and prayers of the righteous.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30 a.m. /Sunday

Worship Service

11:00 a.m. / Sunday

Day Care (Ages 2-6)Commonwea

6:30a.m.-6pm Mon-Fri

Bible Class

6:30 p.m. /Tues.

Intercessory Prayer

6:30-7:30p.m. Thurs.

Praise, Prayer & Worship

7:00-8:00 p.m. /Fri.

Our Staff

William H. Samuels

Steve Smith

Assistant Pastor •

Robert Pickens

Lay Leader •

Shelia Chrishon

Chairman of the Board •

Jeanore Parham

Church Clerk •