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Providence Grace Baptist Church

23 FINNISS ST NORTH ADELAIDE, • Adelaide, South Australia 5038 • Australia • 08 82973005 • Other

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"Solo Christo" is our cry...... it was one of the cries of the Protestant Reformation. Translated from the latin, it means "Christ Alone". The purpose of this cry was to call the church to glory in Christ alone. In that day Christ was overshadowed by many errors; such is the case today. Christ has been eclipsed in Christendom by the modern nation of Israel, the "weak and beggarly" Old Covenant Law, a man centered Gospel, and other errors. Providence Grace Baptist seeks to show forth the absolute supremacy of Jesus Christ as Lord of lords and King of kings. A couple areas where the church falls short today is a proper understanding of God's Sovereignty in Salvation and the extent to which Christ is the fulfillment of the Father's promises. For a summarization of Providence Grace Baptist doctrinal position, write to us C/- PO BOX 571 Plympton 5038 Adelaide South Australia 5038 We Hold to Statement of Faith and the 1644 London Baptist Confession of Faith amended.

Why We Exist As A Church

The chief aim of Providence Baptist Church is tofaithfully teach the Law and the Gospel according to God's Word. The Gospel is the Good News that Jesus Christ, God's Son, is the only Savior. We're concerned about YOU. We want to share with you God's love for us all in Christ Jesus, for we know from God's Word that there are only two possible destinies for human beings when they leave this world through death: Heaven or Hell. Scripture says that salvation is through faith in Christ Jesus alone (Ephesians 2:8). We want to help you grow in that faith so that you may be sure of eternal life. We invite you to discover what God's Word, which is our foundation, tells us concerning life, death, mankind, and salvation. PHONE US on 08 82973005

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Our Services & Events

Morning Worship Service

Sunday 10:30am

Evening Worship Service

Sunday 7.00pm

Home Meeting & Study

Monday 7:00 pm

Bible Study & Prayer Meeting

Wednesday 7:00 pm

Our Staff

Andrew Sulyma