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Joyful Church of Christ

Hillcrest Community Center, 1978 Ford Parkway • St. Paul, MN 55116 • United States • 698-0668 • Other

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The Mission of Joyful Church of Christ is to tell the world that we believe the God of the Bible, the God of Christ, the God of Christianity loves and accepts all people. We are committed to loving all folks in the name of Jesus. We support all loving relationships; gay and straight, married, committed. We celebrate all cultures and races and we invite all people to our community; young, old, married, divorced, single or in a relationship. We are striving to build an intentional community, to build relationships with each other that reach beyond Sundays and are mirrored after the early church. And we seek to enocurage one another to daily live in relationship to God by loving others as Jesus did and reaching out to those on the edges of society. We started worshipping together on Feb. 23, 1997 and God is fullfiling our vision, we are gay staright, married, single, young and old and together we are worshiping God. If this type of church interests you join us, Sundays 12 at Hillcrest Community Center in St. Paul.

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Sundays 12noon

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7pm Thursdays

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