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Calvary Church Of God In Christ (COGIC)

UK HEADQUARTERS, Northumberland Park, Tottenham • LONDON, N17 0TB • United Kingdom • (+44) (0) 20 8801 9318 • COGIC

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Junk e-mail

With great disappointment, we have had to close down the e-mail facilities on this site. It seems some people viewed the e-mail addresses as an opportunity to bombard us with unwanted e-mail (some of an obscene nature!), rather than simply a way for christians to contact each other. What is in some ways MOST unfortunate is the fact that some of these spammers claim to be christian organisations. High volume junk mail is annoying and distressing. It cannot be justified by the fact that the subject matter is christian. It is the sheer nuisance value caused by the unrelenting flow of automated messages that is the problem.


For a few more weeks, the e-mail address will remain open, but no messages will be passed to the church officers. If you would like to continue writing to us, please send an e-mail saying so. Once we are able to verify that you are genuine (and we will be erring on OUR side of caution) we will send you an alternative address. God bless you

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