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All Saints' English Congregation

(located in Anglican High School), • 600 Upper Changi Road, Singapore 487012 • SINGAPORE • 4485631 • Anglican

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Our Mission Statement

All Saints' English Congregation is a local church committed to Discipleship and Disciple-making. God has called us as a local church to be Consecrated as a Mighty Army in Him. We are to be spiritual warriors living out His victory
(1)in our Outward Mission of Witnessing, Evangelism, Church-Planting, Missions and Caring - to deliver men out of darkness into His marvellous Light and
(2)in our Inner Life of Worship, Prayer, Fellowship and Wholeness - over sin, the world and the devil in holiness before Him.
We look upward to God and Outward to others to fulfill His Call for us.

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Our Services & Events

Worship Service

Sunday/10.15 am

Lay Training Program

Sunday/9.00 am

Teen Discovery

Sunday/11.30 am

Young Adults' Ministry

Saturday/3.30 pm

Home Groups

various days

Our Staff

Chris Ponniah

Linda Yeh

Church secretary •