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Reviving Our Youth - Book written by Pastor

Have you ever wondered why many of your efforts to deal with youth did not quite measure up? Have you had a quick resource that might tap into their thinking? Reviving Our Youth is an easy-to-read guide for helping those who work with youth identify variables that might cause youth to be alienated from the Church. The Rev. Anthony M. Alford, Sr. a CME Pastor in Atlanta states that the book is a breath of fresh air and...when read, will more than help the youth worker, parent, and even youth better understand their challenges and plight today. Annette King Director of At Risk programs in the Akron Public Schools states that with so many youth leaving the Church, Dr. Grays provides a menu for solving some of the problems youth face in the Church and prescribes solutions. Our youth have something to say. The book that I have written attempts to revive our youth by giving them a platform from which to speak and be heard. Too often the cries of our youth go unheard, unanswered, and unrepresented in the proper forum. Reviving Our Youth highlights 11 variables that the findings of my Doctor of Ministry dissertation suggested might be at the root of youth alienation in the Church. Particularly the CME Churchand more broadly all denominations attempting to revive their youth programs. The Table of Contents reads as follow: 1) Lack of Church Involvement 2) Relationship With the Pastor 3) Authoritarianism in Parents 4) Relationship With the Parents 5)Self-Esteem 6) Personal Interest of the Pastor 7) Family Harmony 8) Authoritarianism in the Pasetor 9) Sincerity of the Pastor 10) Parental Discipline 11) Emancipation From Parents. If any of these chapter seem interesting to you and you would like to order a copy of the book please feel free to leave an E-Mail message. May God Bless you Always. Pastor, Grays Please feel free to visit my other Web Site at the address listed above. The first chapter of my book is offered for your reading and blessing. Other Web Site Address Other officers not mentioned above because of lack of room are Estella Gardner, Recording Steward, Treasury, Ruth Hobson, Director of Missions (Missionary Society)and Donna Singleton and Z. Jolley, Co-Directors of Youth Ministries. (We will continue to update)

Reviving Our Youth

The story was told of a man who was married and had one child, a baby boy. When the child was born, the man was very happy. He was so delighted thaet he did more and more for his family each year. Nothing was too good for his wife and son. In order to sustain the quality of life he had established for his family, he had to work long hours. He often worked far into the night. But nothing was too good for his family. One day after work the man came home. He took off his coat and shoes, put on his sandals, and sat in his favorite chair. Just before he dozed off, he heard his wife and son talking in the next room. It made him happy just to be with his family; just the sound of their voices was music to his ears. But as the sandman began to set in, he heard his son say, "who is that man in there, Mommy?" The man's wife replied, "That is your father." "Oh, " was the reply from his son. "I thought so, but I wasn't sure. Good night, Mommy," said the son to his mother. "Good night, " said the mother to the son. The man in this story is a hard working man. He loves his family. He works hard for his family; he provides for them. However, the man forgot one thing: the family needs nurturing. The family needs fertilizing and cultivating. The family needs molding and shaping. The son's conversation with his mother might have been preveneted if the man had spent more quality time with his family. instead he spent most of his time at home sleeping and recuperating for the next day. It might be argued that if the man had spent lmore quality time with his family, a number of other conclusions might have been drawn. However, if certain questions are not raised or articulated in the proper forum, then there can never be critical debate and growth. My dear brothers and sisters, it is absolutely essential that we do something about our young people. We must get them to turn back to God by utilizing the power of God that is within them. Abraham turned to God but was turned by the power of God. Abraham was obiedent

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