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Rockcastle Association of Kentucky Baptists, Inc

Freedom School Road, P.O. Box 446 • Mt. Vernon, KY 40456 • United States • 606-256-4571 • SBC

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Our Associational Office is located just off Highway 150 on the Freedom School Road in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky.

The Associational phone number is 606-256-4571. Our fax number is 606-256-0192 or if you prefer you can e-mail us at

We voluntarily associate with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. Our Primary Goal is to see people receive Jesus Christ, God's Only Son, as their Savior and Lord.

We are in Partnership with our Churches to do just that.


What We Do!

Many people ask, "What Does A Baptist Association Do?" Well that's a Good Question.

Our Baptist Association is made up of 21 Southern Baptist Churches, who Voluntarily Link themselves with us. Our Mission is to Assist those churches in Ministering to the People in and around their Communities.

Those Churches Are:

Brindle Ridge Baptist Church - Pastor: Ron Roberts 606-256-9204

Brodhead, First Baptist Church - Pastor: Ralph Baker
WEB Pages:

Clear Creek Baptist Church - Pastor: Billy Long

Conway Baptist Church - Pastor: Jim Ritchey (859)228-0342

Copper Creek Baptist Church - Pastor: Harvey Benne (859) 985-0947

Fairview Baptist Church - Pastor: Vaughn Rasor (606)256-3722

Flat Rock Baptist Church - Pastor: Charles L. Burton (859) 925-4048

Freedom Baptist Church - Pastor: David Sargent 606-256-2968

Livingston Baptist Church - Pastor: Bro. Steve McKinney - 606-758-4097

Macedonia Baptist Church - Pastor: Wayne Henson

Maretburg Baptist Church - Pastor: Wayne Harding 606-256-5278

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church - Pastor: Kyle Rader 606-256-4823

Mt. Vernon, First Baptist Church - Pastor: Wm. Edward Nation ( ) 606-256-2922
WEB Page:

Mt. Zion Baptist Church - Pastor:

Northside Baptist Church - Associate Pastor: Jon Burdette 606-256-5577

Ottawa Baptist Church - Pastor: Jim Craig (606) 758-8453

Pine Hill Baptist Church - Pastor:

Poplar Grove Baptist Church - Pastor:

Roundstone Baptist Church - Pastor: Rick Reynolds 606-758-8095

Scaffold Cane Baptist Church - Pastor: Chris Cobb

Valley Baptist Church - Pastor: Tony Shelton

Any and All of these Churches would be Glad to have you visit with them during any of their services. We would be glad to point you to the nearest Southern Baptist Church in your area. Just give us a Call and ask for Jenny McKinney our Associational Secretary.

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Our Services & Events

Monday & Tuesday

9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Lunch Hour

12 noon - 1:00 P.M.

Wednesday through Friday

8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Lunch Hour

12:00PM - 12:30PM

Our Staff

Randy McPheron

Director of Missions •

Jenny McKinney

Secretary/Clerk •

James Craig

Moderator •

Charles Abney

Treasurer •