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West Side Community C.M.E. Church

2114 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. S.W., • Atlanta, GA 30310-1137 • U.S.A. • 404-696-5351/Fax 404-691-4099 • CME

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A Bit of History

The humble beginnings of West Side Community C.M.E. Church began in the home of Mr. Henry & Rev. Chestina Delaney on August 2, 1953. Our current structure was completed in 1962. Since that time, we have been a powerful witness to others of what Jesus can do in lives that are yielded to Him. Our Church motto is, "Where Friend Holds Fellowship With Friend." It is our belief that we have been summoned to lead humanity to the transforming power of the Holy Ghost. The great commission demands that we take a vital role in producing disciples for Christ by making the Gospel real in our lives and in the lives of others. Our vision statement declares, "West Side Community C.M.E. Church is a body of committed Christians, grounded in the Word of God through fasting and prayer, witnessing and service, to edify the kingdom of God."

Ministry Highlights

Drama Ministry - This explores worship in the form of interpretive dance, as well as through original and/or borrowed dramatic productions. Performances are usually done on special occasions.

Nursery - Our nursery ministry provides parents an opportunity to get the maximum benefit from the praise and worship service, while their toddlers learn at their own level about the Christian faith.

Children - This ministry provides children the opportunity to learn about God, Jesus, religious values, the local church and themselves as children of God. It is a "jump-start" ministry through which a personal relationship with God and a foundational understanding of the church is fostered. On the 1st & 3rd Sundays, we offer "Junior Church."

Youth - Our exciting youth ministry includes a Christian Youth Fellowship, a renowned John L. Thompson Choir and the Mattie E. Coleman Missionary Circle.

Young Adult - This ministry promotes responsibility and Christian values among young adults.

55 Plus - This organization ministers to the spiritual, mental, social and emotional needs of our senior adults through wholesome recreational and cultural activities. Participants are also acquainted with resources of the church, community and government that benefit them. We also have membership in Reaching Out to Senior Adults, Inc. (ROSA), which is a community-based program that provides a network of ministries to seniors.

Scouting Ministries - We have currently have scouting opportunities males. Plans are to reactivate our Girl Scouting ministry in the near future.

Health Ministry - is primarily made up of health professionals within the congregation. They keep the congregation aware of various health issues and sponsor health workshops that encourage better health. Blood pressure screenings are done monthly (2nd Sunday), following morning worship.

Women's Ministry - Our Women's Ministry sponsors an Annual Women's Conference and regularly sponsors activities which enhance the spiritual lives of women. Ministry to our college students and mentorship to younger women are some current emphasis.

Bible Study & Prayer - We make a deliberate effort to ensure that we provide an ample opportunity for the teaching ministry. In addition to our Bible Study classes, we have an effective Sunday School Program with classes for all ages. We also have a Youth, Young Adult and Women's Ministry Bible Studies as announced. All of our educational opportunities are powerful and life changing.

Praise & Worship - Our Praise Team and choirs lead us in the ministry of music during our appointed services. The central purpose of our services is to lift up the name of Jesus. Our music ministry consists of a broad genre, including anthems, gospels, spirituals and contemporary music. The chief purpose of our worship service is to glorify God through delivery of the Word of God.

Lay Ministry - The purpose of this ministry is to enrich, influence and lead members toward a committed relationship to God and the church. Each 1st Sunday a layperson speaks on a particular subject and/or their Christian witness. Occasional Special services are planned during this time.

Tutorial/Computer - We offer tutorial services to school age children upon request. We also offer basic and advanced computer training, which are scheduled at 6-week intervals throughout the year.

West Side is a "Community Church." As such, we are the meeting place for the Rosalie Wright Community Council (4th Mondays @ 7:00 p.m., the Paine College Alumni Association (2nd Sunday @ 5:00 p.m.), and the Georgia Chapter of the National Association of Parliamentarians (4th Monday @ 10:30 a.m.). We are also a participating Church in the Atlanta Regional Council of Churches (RCCA), the District 10 Ministerial Alliance, an ecumenical coalition of clergy/lay united to fight drugs and other social ills in the South West area of Atlanta community.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30 a.m./Sunday

Morning Worship

11:00 a.m./Sunday

Bible Study & Prayer

12 & 7 p.m/Wednesday

Boy Scouts (Every Saturday)

10:00 a.m.

Lay Speaks For Christ

6:00 p.m./1st Sun.

Prayer & Praise 3rd/4th Sun.

8:30 a.m.

Our Staff

Stephen J. Delaine

David Carter

Chairman, Steward Board •

Louise P. Chambers

President, Stewardess Board •

Donald Wheat

Chairman, Trustee Board •