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Ambassadors For Christ

3909 Swss Avenue, Box 71 • Dallas, TX 75204 • United States • 214.827.0663 • Other

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A Distinctive Christian Fellowship

Ambassadors For Christ (AFC) is a Christian Fellowship which seeks to promote the purest form of discipleship among believers through meeting together, prayer, daily reading of the Word of God, home Bible studies and fellowships, evangelism, philanthrophy and teaching. We believe in the essentials of the historical Christian faith, acknowledging that God is existent in the world and has revealed himself in finality in the Lord Jesus the Messiah. We believe that all doctrines, dogmas, creeds, confessions, teachings and preaching should be tested in light of Scripture, which is the final court of arbitration for difficulties in understanding. We believe the Holy Spirit gives life and sustains life. Our fellowship is different because we believe in community (I.e., common unity) among believers. We meet the needs of all of our members through common sharing (Acts 2.42f). Call or write to obtain more information on Christian Fellowship beliefs and practices or Ambassadors For Christ Evangelism and Apologetics Ministries, Inc.

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Our Services & Events

Our Daily Bread Bible Study

7 pm Daily

Daily Love Feast Fellowship

6:00 pm Daily

Morning Prayer

6:00 am Daily

Home Bible Study

7 pm Tue/Thur/Sat

Church Gathering

10 am Saturday

Luke's Closet

10 am-2 pm Daily

Our Staff

Derek Barber

Eric Mason

Timothy Jackson