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Bellaire Assembly, 5013 S. Utica Avenue • Tulsa, OK 74105-5025 • United States • (918) 742-7054 • Non-denominational

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Pastor J.O. Williams and the congregation of Bellaire Assembly welcome you and invite you to join us as we worship and serve our Lord Jesus Christ! The most common remark made by those who enter the doors of the church is something like, "You can just FEEL the PEACE OF GOD in this place!" His presence is almost tangible every time you walk in the door.

Bellaire Assembly was established in 1953, when Rev. James and Mary A. Williams (our Pastor's parents) began holding Revival services in a tent on a vacant lot at 51st and Utica, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The tent was heated by an old wood stove, but the Holy Ghost fire warmed the hearts and souls of the people!

For a brief time, the church moved into a rented storefront, until Pastor Williams purchased the property where the church is still located. He sold the property, which extends from Utica Avenue to Victor Avenue and is over half a block wide, to the church .....for one dollar!

Then, services were held in a small wood-framed house, facing Victor Avenue, while the current building was being built on the same property, but facing Utica Avenue. The men, women and children of the church all worked on the construction of the building. The only work that had to be contracted out was when the steel beams needed to be placed across the roof of the two-story structure; all the other work was done by Pastor Williams and the men, women and children of Bellaire Assembly!

Today, over 50 years later, some of those same members are faithfully serving the Lord, here at Bellaire Assembly!

If you are looking for a church where the Peace of God can be felt, and the Love of God is shown through His faithful people, join us at Bellaire Assembly where FAMILIES become BELIEVERS, and BELIEVERS become FAMILY!

For more information, feel free to call Pastor J.O. Williams at (918) 742-7054, or,

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or, visit our main website:

LOCATED NEAR I-44 in Tulsa, OK

Bellaire Assembly is located at 5013 S. Utica, just 1/2 block North of Interstate 44.
For information or further directions, call the church at 918-742-7054.

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If you need help in making THE TRUTH known, please feel free to contact Pastor J.O. Williams at (918) 742-6682.

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Sunday School

10:00 A.M. / Sunday

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11:00 A.M. / Sunday

Colonial Manor Nursing Home

5:30 P.M. / Sunday

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10:00 A.M. / Tuesday

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Pastor •

Barbara Burditt

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- 1953

Founded by Rev. & Mrs. James Williams •

Where the Peace of God meets you at the door!

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