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Love Deliverance Evangelistic Church

1432 East Jackson Street • Springfied, IL 62703 • United States • 2178011234 • Non-denominational

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Vision for the House

Love Deliverance Evangelistic Church Ministries(LDECM) is the local body of believers that strongly affirms the power of prayer. The vision of this church stretches beyond the boundaries of this city and it's surrounding counties. Our churches focus is worldwide and endeavors to be an instrument used by God to cause nations and countries to ignite a radical revolution. With this in mind, we will utilize the word of God to equip, train and disciple individuals as far as the east is to west and as far as the south is to the north.




A Five-Fold Ministry

We believe that the Five-Fold Governmental offices (Apostle, Prophet,Evangelist,Pastor and Teacher) must be set in each local body of believers before his imminent return. We strongly affirm our belief in the the Word of God. For this reason, we serve by the call of God as a training center for persons who have been called into the Five-Fold ministry. We endeavor to train and cover individuals who have recognized the their calling. Because we have recognized that there are too many Ishmael ministries on the arise. In an effort to prevent ministries from being shipwrecked and helping to correct others who have fallen short of the mark, we have been called to serve as an Apostolic Covering by the Lord. For such a time as this, the church must be ready for the Bridegroom to return.  We also believe that prayer and fasting are some of the main tools use to build a solid foundation. So we teach on prayer and fasting.  We teach you how to apply them to your everyday lifestyles.  There is a saying we have found to be true, "much prayer-much power, little prayer-little power, no prayer no power."


Map & Directions

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Our Services & Events

Leadership Prayer Meeting

Sun. 7:00am

Christian Ed(Sunday School)


Supernatural Worship Service


Mid-Week Service Wed.


Youth On the Move Meeting Wed.


Intercessory Prayer Mon.-Fri.


Our Staff

CC Doss