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World Outreach Evangelical Orthodox Church

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Helping People Get To Heaven

The World Outreach Evangelical Orthodox Church is independently chartered through Missionary Chapel and Seminary. It is also a member of the British Orthodox Church Fellowship.

We are a network of independent Evangelical Orthodox priests and bishops that provide Christian worship services in homes, or at other venues. We're structured to have 12 bishops, with one of them being the Chief, or Arch Bishop. Our priest are ordained and licensed by the church bishops.

We believe that the first seven Christian ecumenical councils set the standard for beliefs and church cannon. We understand that those Christian counsels were made up of church bishops that descended from the Apostles. We believe that the beliefs, cannon and practices that were done immediately after those seven initial counsels set a standard for all Christian churches. When those things are added to the knowledge that sincere Christians receive the Holy Spirit, it rules out any further need for church bishops to continue to succeed from the Apostles. Sufficient knowledge and true belief will cause a church to be acceptable to God.

We have three ministries. Our evangelism outreach is done by handing out pamphlets or Bibles with basic church information written inside. We have a special ministry called, Science for God's Will. It legitimate science that doesn't attempt to disprove God and isn't done for sinful reasons. We have what we call the Conservative Christian Union, which helps us to bring together Christians from a variety of other conservative churches.


Men may become ordained and licensed Evangelical Orthodox Priests for our church. Certain requirements need to be met and there's a $25.00 yearly license renewal fee. The Priesthood is made up of independent priest, who are in charge of the worship community that they serve. No tithing needs to be paid to the bishop other than the yearly licensing fee.

The independent priest in our church must use what money comes from the church members they serve to cover expenses and also for their income. The church bishop works with the priest to help them succeed.

The priest are required to have in-depth knowledge of the Bible and of Orthodox Christianity. They must've accepted Jesus Christ and have been baptized before they can be ordained and licensed by the church. They cannot have any criminal convictions of wrongful violence, rape or of child molestation. The priest can be married, but only if they were already married before they entered the priesthood. The church allows new priest to gradually acquire the things they need such as clergy robes, icons, etc and provides advice on how they can build up their worship community and raise money.

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