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First United Ministry of Christ

10239 Se Pine Street, G112 • Portland, OR 97216 • United States • 9718670945 • Non-denominational

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Mission statement

First United Ministry of Christ: We are a first person to Christ non-denominational church, with the utmost respect, authority and power through the same Holy Sporit that was with Jesus. It is our faith to help our brothers and sisters who need the help we offer including helping to feed, cloth, house, help find work for those seeking this help. We further believe it is our responsibility to provide a safe place for those who seek fellowship, child care during services, counseling, to meet those in hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities or home bound to offer ministry services as well as prayer and other support. 



Faith Statement

First United Ministry of Christ Church: 

We believe that the Word of God is alive, filled with promises that as we find them and apply them are always upheld by God. We further believe that the Holy Spirit is the exact same Holy Spirit which flew across the world when God said, let there be waters across the earth, and made it happen the same exact Holy Spirit when God said let the land divide from the waters, and made it so, is the same exact Holy Spirit which after John Baptised Jesus in water, came down from heaven as a dove, representing love, peace, forgiveness and filled Jesus. Where Jesus Sid, "I could have done nothing without my Gathers Spirit, (The Holy Spirit), which is the exact same Holy Sporit who transferred over to us to us when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and believe God raised Him from the dead.

The Same Holy Spirot that allowed Jesus to Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, is the exact same Holy Spirit within each of us. Therefore it is the belief of this ministry that it is our duty to do these things and more as Jesus commissioned us as believers to do.

Therefore it will be this Ministry's position to offer spiritual counseling, crisis counseling, laying on of hands in prayerful healing and to clear the path to peaceful salvation, to cast out demons, break generational curses and sever unholy ties when and where it's prudent.

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