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Bridges of Hope Community Church of Owatonna MN

130 West Bridge Street • Owatonna, MN - Minnesota 55060-2918 • United States • 5072152249 • Non-denominational

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WHY are WE here as a Church?

Bridges of Hope Community Church in Owatonn,a Minnesota is designed by God; to bring people BACK to Church that have left Gods house over the years, or perhaps never been taught from the Bible that we ALL can have a dynamic and personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

We started with an OPEN DOOR.  NO-we mean a REAL Open Door with a "come one come all, and come as you are" policy.  We dont overdress to impress.  Our Bible likely reads the exact same as yours and tells us to love on one anouther and that we have a duty and obligation to try to reach others.

BOHCC understands that many have become frusterated, even angry, in or at their Church.  Most often this has been because of actions or words by imperfect people (which we are all imprefect) that didnt always consider the fact that it is not "OUR" Church, it is Gods!  YES, we are to lead, but this business of no accepting people, of judging them, of not working with people at their pace, or all these extra rules, rituals, and ceremonies that you wont find in the Bible, that has to go if we are truly going to reach people.

Our Pastor never thought that was his path in life.  However, after decades of locking people up - was made aware by the Holy Spirit that he could do a lot more good for the cause of Christ, if he helped set them free.  Free from the bondage and slavery of sin and wrongful thinking.  Pastor Keith started as the director of a jail addictions program that was faith based, and experienced personal growth to the point where the jail administration and staff, along with his Pastor, encouraged him to seek his DOC Chaplincy, which led to more than Pastor Keith ever envisoned.  Our Church, BOHCC, still hosts that very same addictions recovery program every Friday Night called Reformers Unanimous. (RU).

We have a heart for the addicted, incarcerated, the downtroden, and lost.  Many of us have been there before and we encourage you to come feel the Love & Support of those whom have walked the walk, and talk the talk, in helping YOU get to a better place.  BOHCC also extedns our invitation to seasoned christians that simply are not being fed in their place of worship, or that dont feel the spirit has moved them to a seat of service, rather than being seated, santified, and satisfied!


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