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5585 Waccamaw School Rd Ash , Nc, Until further notice: not mailing addres • Ash, North Carolina • United States • 910-557-0438 • Non-denominational

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About BHG Ministry

We are a Universal Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry , focused on the state of a man soul, not his current condition, we are a Church( the Assembly of People) the Church for everybody,it does not matter your reformation, communion, or denomanation , What matters is that you Want G-d for real .We are a Bible believing Holy Spirit having body of Believers with a Kingdom Mandate to reach , teach , impart, and impact the lives of G-d's People.

Our Pastor and The Vision

Our Senior and Founding Pastor is Overseer Elgin Blake ,where he is the Overseer of The Diocese of St. John , under City of Promise Fellowship of Chuches where our Presiding Primate is Apostle Chelsey Simms II.  The vision of the Church is to see people lives changed for the better, Where Freedom is alway in the spirit of G-d . Our Theme (A place where we are concerned about your soul and not your cloths .)

Map & Directions

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Our Services & Events

Service Times

Saturday at 5:00pm

Pastor Anniversary July 11

3:00pm 2015

Bible Study Thursdays Phone

Conference 6:00 pm

Our Staff

Elgin Blake

Overseer •

Felicia Blake

Prophetess •

Marietta Garvin

Elder/Ass.Admin. •

Utrillia Bryant

Elder •

Mary Collins

Deaconess •