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Bethesda Bible Church

414 South Main St., • Beaver Dam, Kentucky 42320 • United States • 270- 775-5431http://N/A • Baptist/Other

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Bethesda Bible Church

Bethesda Bible Church is a fellowship of christians that stands on the Sound Doctrine of the Word of God. We love God and His principles and precepts. We are Independent Fundamental Bible Believers that have a burden for soulwinning. We would like to invite you to a new Fundamental Bible Believing Church.  We are a church start that is looking for serious Christians that will be sincere about planting a new Bible Believing church. We have found in the past that they are a lot of people that likes to play church in our area. We need church members that will work with us for the Lord to get this Bible Believing church off to a good start. We truly feel God will bless you for your efforts. We really need help from serious Christians instead of the fair weather type that you cannot depend on. Has God called you to this type of ministry? If so we pray that you will listen to His call and come. For more information you may call me at (270)775-5431. I pray that you will listen to this preacher's plea for serious Christians to help and respond to it. This may seem a little bit strong but it is not meant to offend anyone. This was written to express the seriousness of starting a new church start and the type of help needed to do so. You may e-mail us at;  "MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD, MASTER AND KING. "

Bethesda Bible Institute

Bethesda Bible Institute is a Bible School designed to teach Sound Doctrine in a day when a sugar coated type of teaching is flooding our Bible colleges. We have a 7 year program for the serious Bible Student. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Sunday Morning

11:00 AM

Sunday Evening

6:00 PM

Thursday Bible Study

7:00 PM,Thursday

We have soulwinning visitation

Tuesday- 5:00 PM

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Robert Bailey

Pastor and Evangelist •

Shirley Bailey

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