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Greater New Jerusalem Evangelist Temple C.O.G.I.C

1621 Bishop Bobby L. Williams Dr., • Oklahoma City, OK 73111 • United States • 405-424-2613 or 424-4177 • COGIC

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YOU ARE INVITED TO COME OUT AND WORSHIP THE NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST WITH US IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. GOD IS DOING GREAT THINGS OVER HERE AT THE GREATER NEW JERUSALEM EVANGELIST TEMPLE COGIC, INC.(HOUSE OF REFUGE FOR ALL NATIONS). COME OUT AND BE PART OF WHAT GOD IS DOING. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A CHURCH HOUSE, THEN WE AREN'T THE PLACE FOR YOU, BUT IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A CHURCH HOME THEN THERE'S NO NEED TO SEARCH NO MORE. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED, WANTED, AND APPRECIATED AT NEW JERUSALEM EVANGELIST TEMPLE COGIC, INC. ______________________________________________________________________ Here is a brief autobiography of the visionary who established the Evangelist Temple, House of Refuge for All Nations, Church of God in Christ, Inc. After his death, the Honorable Bishop C. David Willis assumed authority and God has been good to us every since. Our Founder Bishop S. R. Chambers 1909 - 1991 Chief Apostle, Bishop Singleton Robert Chambers was born June 4, 1909, to the late Elnora and Frank Chambers in Jackson, Mississippi. He was taught at an early age to fear the Lord. His mother, the late National Supervisor Elnora Durr kept him in church and before the Lord. He was converted and later accepted sanctification and received the Holy Ghost through the gospel expounded by Elder J.A. Anderson of Jackson, Mississippi. While conducting services outside as a child he often felt the power of God. He used a bucket or a tub and a stick to make music on the street corners. He delivered his first message at the age of 11. At the age of 12, he was running revivals, and at the age of 15, he was ordained. In response to the Macedonian call, he was urged by the Spirit of God to enter the state of Arkansas and was advised to come to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Immediately following two revivals, he organized and established the East End Temple Church of God in Christ. He was successful in his attempt to appeal to radio-land by broadcasting a program on KGHI (Little Rock), KTHS, and KWFC, which was known as "The Hot Springs Revival Hour". On October 7, 1947, Bishop Chambers went to Kansas City to run a revival for Elder Douglas at 604 Charlotte Street. In November of that year, he established a work at 23rd & Prospect Avenue in a hall over the Crown Drug Store. Mother Lucille Holt`s son Clifford, who was the pharmacist at that drug store, had informed him that the hall was vacant. In March of 1948, he organized and established the present church in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. Bishop Chambers later served as a National Evangelist for the Church of God in Christ and through his evangelizing, many souls were saved. He organized churches in Haiti, Jamaica, The United Kingdom, Cuba, and three countries in Africa. From his dynamic, soul-stirring ministry, bodies were healed, souls converted and backsliders reclaimed. The Honorable Bishop Chambers traveled and studied the work of God while enjoying a close rela tionship with the late Bishop C.H. Mason, founder of The Church of God in Christ, Inc. of Memphis, Tennessee, whose teachings he observed, never changed and instilled in his followers. During his tenure as Presiding Bishop he consecrated and appointed many Bishops, Overseers, Supervisors, Missionaries, Ministers, Deacons and Ministers of Music. Bishop Chambers was a man of great faith and is loved by many. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

------------ God has been good to us over the years and its a blessing how God will be on your side no matter how good or how bad a situation may be. Like the word say, "If God is for us, no man/woman can be against us and nothing will separate us from His love." ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sunday December 21, 2008-ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM 7:30pm Saturday January 3, 2009-GOSPEL MUSIC EXPLOSION @ Page Sanctuary COGIC 5:00pm If you would like to help out our ministry, you may mail donations and contributions to: New Jerusalem Evangelist Temple COGIC, Inc. 1621 Bishop Bobby L. Williams Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73111. All contributions should be made in the form of check or money order.

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Sunday 9:00am

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