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Greater Harvest Assembly C.O.G.I.C.

1701 Turner Street, • Waco, TX 76704 • United States • (254) 799-3326 • COGIC

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About Greater Harvest Assembly COGIC

Greater Harvest Assembly COGIC is a ministry that is on the move for Christ. Establised by Pastor Allen Dixon, Sr. in 1999, Greater Harvest Assembly is a church that is led by the spirit of God. The love of God continues to be the main focus, and worship is the central theme. Pastor Dixon is a man that leads the people of God with the heart of God. People are drawn to the ministry because of the impact of the anointing upon the ministry. The praise and worship, combined with the presence of God makes Greater Harvest a drawing force in Kingdom building. .

Our Vision Statement

That the seed of God will invade our hearts and minds prayer and worship!
That we may become producers of God's glory and power through the anointing!
That we may become gatherers of the unclaimed harvest through witnessing and love!
Whereas, Matthew 9:37 states "The havest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few... Whereas, as we maintain our position in Christ, may we continue to stand...for ITS HARVEST TIME!

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Our Services & Events

Bible Study

7pm Tuesday

Evangelistic Night

7pm Thursday

Intecessory Prayer

9am Sunday

Sunday School

10am Sunday

Sunday Worship


Our Staff

Allen Dixon, Sr.

Henry Dixon

Cedric Henderson

Lisa Dixon

Rodney Harris