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Medical Missonary/Statement of Conscience/July 07

God has called me to be a Christian Medical Missionary to Jinja, Uganda, East Africa to provide compassionate medical care to the African orphans who are victims of AIDS and local wars. I am convinced that we are living during the time when the three most challenging problems facing the world community are Terrorism, Globalization and Global Warming. My calling has allowed me to interact with compassion with those who have such violence practiced against them. I am also convinced that we will not have peace and compasssion in the world until we have peace and compassion in Jerusalem, subsequently we will not have and enduring peace until Jerusalem becomes a sacred city. Hence, I have included The Vatican City,Rome,Italy, Europe in my visit to Jinja, Uganda, East Africa to highlight and emphasize that God has touched my heart to go to The Vatican City which is a sacred city. Subsequently we must fast, pray and devote efforts such as medical missionary works so that Jerusalem may become a sacred city within the Middle East as The Vatican City is a sacred city within Europe.The Vatican may become a prototype for peace in the middle-east and other parts of the world where religion is the basis for divisiveness and even violence. Please fast and pray with us for the safety and success of our pastor as a medical missionary to Africa and Europe. Jeff Parker,M.D. Founder and Pastor

Campaign for medical equipment

During our medical missionary's visit to a local hospital in Jinja, Uganda which serves orphans from the community, it was noted that treatment to a very ill female patient was limited due to the lack of proper equipment.
As a consequence our pastor has undertaken to purchase and donate to that local hospital. We are commited to assist our pastor in providing such equipment as God provides us through our members, supporters and friends.

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