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ST. PATRICK'S MISSION - Healing, Support & Direction

78 Champion Circle (Office), • Wimberley (Woodcreek), TX 78676 • United States • (512) 847-0521 • Anglican

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St. Patrick's Mission Outreach Ministry

OBLATES OF ST. BENEDICT (Obl. S.B.)- For clergy and laity who desire to focus on continued growth in their spirituality and maintain a personal Rule of Life which includes - a daily set of prayers and readings that feed, pacifies and expands their soul directed toward deepening their union with God. Becomming an Oblate is open to all Christians who will continue in their own present situation and location (this may be anywhere). Occasional Oblate Meetings and Retreats are offered for the Oblates consideration. You are invited to contact by telephone or email, Fr. Robert Rawson Obl. S.B. for an introductory Brochure and other information about the Oblates of St. Benedict. Assistance in the development of your personal Rule of Life and an extensive explanation is provided in the "Information and Study Guide" ($10) if requested. The Oblates goal will be to strive toward Obedience, Stability and Conversion in order to achieve PAX (God's Peace) in their life. Occasional spiritual direction or counseling sessions may be required and arranged with Fr. Rawson. The Oblate Novice (n/Obl. S.B.) period is normally for one year but depending on personal progress may be less. Admittance as a Full Oblate (Obl. S.B.) follows if desired and accepted. CLINICAL PASTORAL COUNSELING - Clinical Pastoral Counseling is offered to all Christians by contacting Dr. Rawson as shown above. Christian Wholistic Healing (Mind, Body and Spirit) is emphasized for balance in the person. The website for this outreach ministry may be viewed at the URL shown below.

Clinical Pastoral Counseling - Confidential

Also see URL: for description of the Clinical Pastoral Counseling.

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