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Grambling Church of God in Christ

291 Cornwell Drive, • Grambling, LA 71245 • United States • (318) 247-8608 • COGIC

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The last message the risen Christ gave his people was the promise of his soon return. Couple this with Paul's admonition to the Thessalonian Chistians and you get a good rule for life: Live both expectantly and patiently, and you will be fulfulling the Lord's will until he returns.

What are some of the blessings awaiting the believer when Jesus Christ comes back? First of all, the faithful ones can confidently expect to be rewarded for their faithfulness . . .

There is also a clear-cut promise of reward to the obedient Christian . . . .

But in addition to waiting expectantly, we are admonished to wait patiently, to "occupy 'til he comes." And while we are awaiting, we are to be yielded to the "love of God" operative in our lives. If the love of God flows through us, we will find ourselves sharing that love with those around us, for God is love, and that love is bigger than its container; the Christian, so it must overflow. Those around us long for love, for our world is full of hate, Satan's lagacy since the Garden of Eden episode. Let us as Christians share God's love as we await the return of his Son from Heaven. . . .Al Bryant.


What warnings does Jesus give to servants who are not ready for his return? What does he promise to those who are ready? What must your life be like in order to obey Jesus' words to be dressed and ready for service?

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