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St. Spyridon's Orthodox Mission

Carr. 846 Km. 2.4, (Antiguo Leprocomio) • Trujillo Alto, PR 00928 • Puerto Rico • 1 (787) 760-7476 • Orthodox

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St. Spyridon the Wonderworker

St. SpyridonThe island of Cyprus was the birthplace of this famous Saint and the place in which he spent his life in the service of the Church. He was a simple shepherd and farmer, and remained simple and humble to the end of his days. He married young and had children, but when his wife died, he devoted himself entirely to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of his great devotion, he was later chosen as Bishop of Tremithus. This did not change his simple life-style and he continued to take charge of his sheep and cattle himself as well as tilling his own land. He consumed very little of his own produce, giving the greater part to the poor. He performed great wonders by God's power, making rain fall in a drought, stopping the course of a river, raising the dead, healing the Emperor Constans of a grave sickness, seeing and hearing angels, foreseeing future events, and penetrating the secrets of the human heart. He turned many to the one true Faith, and worked without ceasing for his Lord. He was present at the First Ecumenical Council in Nicea in 325, and by his simple and clear expositions of the Faith, as well as through miracles, brought back many heretics to Orthodoxy. He dressed so simply that once, when he was invited by the Emperor to the imperial court, a soldier took him for a beggar and slapped him. The meek and guileless Saint turned the other cheek. Throughout his life, he continued to glorify God with many miracles, and was of great aid both to individuals and to the whole Church of God. He entered into rest in the Lord in the year 348. His wonderworking relics now lie incorrupt on the island of Corfu and continue to glorify God with many healings, signs, and wonders. His Feast is celebrated on the 12th of December (which corresponds to the 25th of December on the civil calendar).

Taken from The Prolog from Ochrid, by St Nikolai (Velimirović) of �iča and Ohrid.

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St. Spyridon's Orthodox Mission is actively seeking to purchase a property in the Greater San Juan metropolitan area to build the island's first Orthodox Church. Donations may be forwarded to: St. Spyridon's Orthodox Mission Association, RJ 13 Via Amazonas, Urb. Rio Cristal - Encantada, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, USA 00976-6010 or by clicking the "Click to Give" tab to the right.

Contact Information

For information regarding Services and or other activities, please contact Fr. Andrew at (787) 760-7476.

A number of ethnic communities are represented in our mission. The following persons may be contacted for further information:

Fr Andrija Vujisic for the Serbian and Montenegrin communities;

Fr Peter DiLeo for the Albanian (Arb�resh�) community;

Theo Ladias for the Greek community;

Lisa Ortega for the Puerto Rican community;

Tatiana Stoyanova for the Russian and Bulgarian communities;

Spyridon Morrow for the American community.


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Sunday Divine Liturgy:

9:30 a.m.

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Archimandrite Andrew (Vujisic)