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The Salvation Army - L'Islet Corps

The Fortress, La Route du Picquerel • L'Islet, Vale • Guernsey C.I. • +44 (0) 1481 244631 • SA

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Other activities

Prayer Meeting each Sunday at 5.30 pm

The Youth Fellowship meets on most Sundays at 8.15 pm

The Prayer Group meets on the first Monday of each month at 7.30 pm

The Prayer and Bible Study Group meets on Thursdays

The Fellowship meets on the second Thursday of each month

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Our Services & Events

Morning Worship

Sunday 10.30 am

Kids Alive Club

Sunday 10.30 am

Evening Worship

Sunday 6.00 pm

Over Sixties' Club

Tuesday 2.30 pm

Home League for Women

Thursday 2.30 pm

Junior Youth Club

Friday 7.00 pm

Our Staff

Clive Shead

Major •

Hylda Shead

Major •

Colin Bond

Corps Sergeant Major •

Wilson Le Page

Deputy Bandmaster •

Rodney Le Poidevin

Acting Songster Leader •