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Oficina Hispana De Dallas, 1310 Dell Oak Dr. • Dallas, TX 75217 • United States • 214-207-0454 • Nazarene

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Our Church can be your Church. We are a community church for the family and serve the family through our programing and activities. We minister in the Dallas area to all who need a place to worship Our God and Lord Jesus Christ. Church of the Nazarene

Nuestra Mision como Iglesia

Proclamar las buenas nuevas a toda persona de que Jesus es el Hijo de Dios y vino a buscar y a salvar al mundo del pecado atraves de su muerte y Resurreccion. La Gran Comision es nuestro objetivo como Iglesia. Si desea mayor informacion, estamos para servirle.

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Our Services & Events

Primera Church

4609 Terry St.

Segunda Church

Rev. Jose De Haro

Lake June Church

7500 Lake June Rd.

Oakcliff Church

907 Epenard St.

Irving Church

2427 Finley Rd.

Dallas District Office

415 E. Main St.

Our Staff

Abiel Hernandez

Coordinator •

Moises Marquez

Osiel Aguilar

Miguel Reyes

Martin Hernandez