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St. Paul Lutheran Church

4175 Lakeshore Drive, • Shreveport, LA 71109 • United States • (318) 636-2310 • Lutheran

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Who We Are--What We Do

We are a confessional community of Lutheran Christians.
GOD--the Father Son and Holy Spirit--is worshipped and adored.
GOD comes to nurture and cherish real people.
GOD'S words mean something.
GOD's truth matters.

We are the children of God who, by means of God's grace, celebrate His Word and sacraments, receiving the power of forgiveness which enables us to see Christ Jesus in the faces and lives of one another and commits us to discipling all people to Him, allowing everyone to experience the comfort and love of God.

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Our Services & Events

Discipling (Sunday School)

9:15 A.M. Sundays

Divine Service

10:30 A.M. Sundays

Bible Study

10 A.M. Wednesdays

Bible Study

10:00 A.M. Wednesday

Braille Workshop

9:00 Mondays

Our Staff

George Schaetzle

Pastor •

Dwain Brobst

Minister of Music •

Richard Johnston

Church Office •

Ken Schroeder

Head Elder •

Dwain Brobst

Congregational President •