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East Lake Methodist Church Wilmington Delaware

30th & Tatnall Streets, • Wilmington, DE 19802 • United States • 302 762-5716 • Methodist

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Our Church

ABOUT OUR BELIEF: East Lake Church has for 108 years been a place to worship, serve God, study God's Word and share the joy and fellowship with other believers. We are a traditional congregation of all ages. We truely believe in the power of God for today's world. We believe that God can and does answer prayers and that the Bible teachings are the guide for life today. As part of a small group, you can share in a close fellowship and be on a first name basis with each member. You can approach us for any concern you may have. Come visit with us soon and we hope you will find that our church can fit your needs. OUR HISTORY: In 1889, prayer meetings were held in what was known as East Lake Park in Brandywine Hundred. Out of this good soil came the seeds of East Lake Methodist Episcopal Church. Sunday School work began on 31st Street in 1889 and was officially organized in 1890. A chapel was erected on the present site at 30th and Tatnall Streets and it was dedicated and opened as a Sunday School on June 1, 1890. The chapel was enlarged in 1895 and the present brick structure was constructed in 1905. It, in turn was enlarged in 1916 and 1951. The association that began with the Methodist Episcopal Church after the chapel was errected ended in '95 when the United Methodists discontinued their association with us. OUR INVITATION: We invite you to come and share in our services. We know you will find our congregation more like a family. We love to sing the old and great songs of faith and just to enjoy fellowship of our Christian family. Please come and join us and bring your family and friends. Even if you cannot come, write or e-mail your concerns and prayer requests. We will lift you up to the Lord at Sunday Worship and each day of the week. Through out the ages, men, women, teenagers, boys and girls have always faced life's problems which seem greater than anyone faced before - faith in God and prayer gives you the inner peace and strength to uplift you and help you to persavere and overcome all the problems of this world. JESUS SAVES!

Miracles - News

We believe in miracles and see answers to prayer every day. Whether for healings or the recent recovery of a stolen car, East Lake is a church that knows GOD hears and answers prayer. NEW BABIES: Master Samual Stephen Bailey was born on November 18, 1997 to Vernon and Denise Bailey and is the youngest of four: Christina, Stephanie and Vernon III. Master Jacob Weldin Fritz Bailey was born on April 24, 1998 to John and Mae Bailey and is the youngest of four: John IV, Daniel and James Elwood. This is the first time since the early 1970s that East Lake has had two babies at once and we are very proud of GOD's blessings. You can see our newest member with two of his older brothers:, and

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Our Services & Events


Sunday 9:30 A.M.

Sunday School

Sunday 10:30 A.M.

Mid-Week Prayer Meeting

Thursday 7:30P.M.

Our Staff

John W. H. Bailey, III

President, Board of Trusties •

Archbishop Peter Morganstern

Spiritual Alliance, Church of the East •

Vernon Bailey

Treasurer, Sunday School Superintendent •