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Old Catholic Mission Saint Paul

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Old Catholic Mission Saint Paul

This Mission is an independent part of the Old Catholic Church of The Netherlands (Union of Utrecht) and focusses the church's attention on the mission of the wider church.

Projects sponsored are:

Egypt, Coptic Orthodox Church
The "Daughters of St. Mary" is a religious order founded in 1965 following an initiative of Bishop Athansios of Beni-Souef, a Diocese South of Cairo in Egypt. The Aim was to create an active community, which would engage in social projects.
The community grew from an initial 4 members to now 80 under the leadership of Sr. Agapie, the Mother-Superior.
On the compound of the convent a clinic, a creche, a kindergarten, a home for the aged and an institution for mentally retarded can be found.
In North Cairo they founded the "Salaam (Peace) Centre", and they also run the diocesan conference centre on the other side of the Nile in Baayaad. In addition social work is undertaken in villages nearby.
The Mission Saint Paul contributes to the extension of the creche and kindergarten.

Trinidad and Tobago, St. Stephen's Anglican Church
The Mission Saint Paul supports the training centre operated by this parish to teach young people such skills as cooking, sewing, accounting and handicrafts. Religious education receives much attention too.

South Africa, Anglican Church
Old Catholic women's associations collect used clothing for distribution to the very poor in Grahamstown. The Mission Saint Paul pays the cost of transport.

Mozambique, Anglican Seminary at Maputo
The Mission Saint Paul supports this seminary for the training of candidates for the sacred ministry. Some Angolans are among its students.

Mozambique, Anglican Church
Steps are being taken to start a project for the revalidation of children, victims of landmines.

Philippines, Diocese of Palawan, Philippino Independent Church
The Mission Saint Paul supports several diocesan development projects, including a pig and chicken farm and an agricultural cooperative association. The former project concerns the breeding of pigs and chicken, the idea being that money should preferably be put in income generating projects. In 3 years time the project must be able to stand on its own feet.

Belize, Central America, Anglican Diocese
In 1995 the Mission Saint Paul made funds available for the extension of a parish school.

Saba, Netherlands Antilles, Anglican Parish
This parish has its own kindergarten and the Mission Saint Paul designated a special collection to assist with this work.

Missie St. Paulus

An explanation of the Mission and its place within the Dutch Old Catholic Church in Dutch.

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