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2400 Central Avenue, • Nebraska City, NE 68410 • United States • (402)873-6217 and 873-6218 • UCC

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Have a good Pentecost experience, and I'll see you at our various activities and of course, in Sunday worship!! With the joy in the adventures of being your Pastor, PASTOR MARIE B> This page is maintained by "AJP." If you wish to receive more information on Bethel United Church of Christ please send e-mail to:


Hello! From Hezekiah the Church Bat!! HEY! How about that . . . I've been "hangin" around Bethel Church -- and thank the kids for not doing me in!! Thanks for taking me out in the snow and letting me go!! I'll see you around! Shalom' Hezekiah Bat Keep An Eye Out For me . . .Hezekiah -- (your church bat.)

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Our Services & Events

Church School & Confirmation

9:00 a.m./Fall/Win.

Sunday Worship Service

10:30 a.m.

Jr./Sr. High Youth Fellowship

7:00 p.m. 1st Wed.

Jr. Youth Fellowship

6:00 p.m. 1st Wed.

Senior Chancel Choir

7:30 p.m./Wednesday

Jr. Choir Rehearsal

10:00 p.m./ Sunday

Our Staff

Rev. Marie Paterik

Connie Gieseking, Choir Director

Ronna Wright, Choir Director

Andrew Paterik, Organist & Junior Choir Pianis